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App Icon ZEZ Rise
Publicado por: Pedro Ribeiro
Género: Games
Versión y peso: 2.30 / 124.4M

Puzzles locos de 2 minutos para tu iPad

ZEZ es un original juego para iPad, iPhone y Windows Phone que mezcla algunas mecánicas ya conocidas. Lo primero que tendrás que hacer es golpear bien fuerte para mandar a ZEZ, un simpático gato boxeador, lo más alto posible. Una vez en el aire, ZEZ tendrá que golpear a grupos de monstruos para seguir subiendo y combinarlos cómo si fuera un match 3.  Un original juego independiente que merece que le des un vistazo.

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Smash. Rise. Crash. You have 60 seconds.

Now free to play up to level 5!

—– What the Players Think —–

“This update is the best birthday present I have received as long as I can remember :)” – Le0n Trt0tsky

“It’s so addicting I got carpal tunnel syndrome from playing so much” – G.Cee

“If you only play one game about a cat punching robots make it ZEZ” – Mechanacor

“I NEVER review apps. This app has completely blown me away. The character is awesome and the whole idea is new, but really fun!” – Snoodle 99

Thanks so much for the incentive!

—– Selected Review Quotes —–

“ZEZ has been given the utmost attention and dedication in its creation.” –

“The most frantic minute of matching I’ve played in ages.” –

“I had a fever dream once with a similar premise, but it wasn’t nearly as much fun.” –

—– Overview —–

Jump into the arena to challenge the robot champion.

Match 3 robots to get an explosive boost. Match 4 to fill your frenzy bar and blast of into the sky.

Come back down at super sonic speeds and deliver some feline vengeance.

It took us 20 months to develop this 60 second game. We think it might just keep you entertained for 20 more.

Here’s the usual list of stuff the game has:

-Fast-paced, frantic gameplay
-No artsy, minimalistic vector graphics. The game is filled with painstakingly frame by frame drawn animations.
-Simple and precise controls and game mechanic
-10 unique and detailed rockets with specific animations and sounds.
-Custom soundtrack
-4 over the top final impact animations
-Gamecenter and Leaderboards

This is *NOT* a freemium game. The in app purchases are for a coin doubler in case you want to progress through the game a bit faster.

This *IS* a beautiful, fast paced, quick reflex game that will keep you hooked for a really long time.

App Icon ZEZ Rise
Publicado por: Pedro Ribeiro
Género: Games
Versión y peso: 2.30 / 124.4M

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