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Frozen Synapse

App Icon Frozen Synapse
Publicado por: Mode 7 Limited
Género: Games
Versión y peso: 1.2.3 / 258.31M

Combates tácticos multi-jugador en tu iPad

Frozen Synapse para iPad es una adaptación del juego para PC con el mismo nombre. Combates tácticos con una ambientación futurista y opción de juego multi-jugador online para quienes disfruten de los juegos de estrategia y combates por turnos.

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Frozen Synapse is a multi-award-winning tactical game.

“There’s a depth here that’s often lacking in other iOS titles, and it shines through the second you pick up the game.” (Pocket Gamer)
(Full cross-play with desktop and other tablet versions)

9/10 Edge

9/10 Eurogamer

9/10 Destructoid

• Independent Games Festival Audience Award

• Develop Best New IP Award

• PC Gamer Strategy Game of the Year

• Strategy Game of the Year
(Reviews and awards for desktop version)

Frozen Synapse brings the simultaneous turn-based strategy genre bang up-to-date and lets you give detailed, accurate orders to your squad: classic gameplay with a modern interface.

Plan your moves, test them out, then hit the “Prime” button: both you and your enemy’s turns are executed simultaneously.

Competitive-but-intuitive multiplayer and a huge single player campaign mean that Frozen Synapse will give you hours and hours of tactical delight.

• 5 challenging multiplayer modes, including the innovative bidding-based “Secure” and “Hostage Rescue”
• 55-mission single player campaign with dynamic dialogue and thrilling near-future narrative
• Powerful Skirmish Generator
Random generation combined with hand-crafted content means that levels and maps are different every time
• Critically-acclaimed electronica soundtrack by musician nervous_testpilot

– Existing players may use their existing account, but must buy a copy on iPad to do so

– If you already own the Red expansion, these features will be available to you via your existing account

App Icon Frozen Synapse
Publicado por: Mode 7 Limited
Género: Games
Versión y peso: 1.2.3 / 258.31M

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